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10-11-2019 UFL 2.8 And The UFL Manager 7.1 have been released!

10-7-2019 We are in desperate need of a Visual Basic 6 programmer to help with bug fixes and feature additions to UFL. Please click here to read more.

10-7-2019 News Archive

What is UFL?

UFL (Universal Football League) is a text-based football simulator. For complete details and screenshots, read The UFL Manual.

What is The UFL Manager?

The UFL Manager is an application that works in conjunction with UFL to provide some additional functionality. For complete details and screenshots, read The UFL Manager Manual.

The UFL Forum

The UFL discussion forum contains many useful topics such as Frequently Asked Questions, Known Issues, The UFL Manager Changelog, UFL Changelog.

Download UFL 2.8 And The UFL Manager 7.1

System Requirements: 1024x768 or higher screen resolution, Windows 2000 or newer*

This version of UFL comes with 1 sample league. Use it or delete it as you wish.


1. Download and execute SETUP.EXE to install UFL And The UFL Manager.

2. The installer will upgrade previous versions** and your existing data files will remain.

3. UFL And The UFL Manager can be uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

* UFL And The UFL Manager can be made to work in Windows NT4, 95, 98, and ME, but you must perform a manual installation. Please email me if you need help with this.
** The installer will not upgrade the DOS-based version of UFL. It will only upgrade previous Windows versions.

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UFL by Larry Rodgers with additional programming by Björn Aspernäs.
The UFL Manager by Benjamin Miller.
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